Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

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Re: Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

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The D600 is cheaper because of its past history. That being said, the good thing about buying used is that if it is old enough, it either hasn't had that issue so probably won't or the owner has already fixed it. If you're worried about it, you can try for the D610.

CF cards are actually pretty expensive compared to SD cards. You can buy CF cards that can hold SD cards in them though, but IMO that's one extra layer for a potential issue.

Good point, will be looking into the D600 further. Plus if something were to happen, 2 years warranty on mpb would solve that issue. Newer 24mp sensor if I’m not mistaken, so that’ll definitely be helpful with landscape.

Edit: errors

You can't go wrong with a D600 that's had the shutter replaced, or, a D610 with less than 50 thousand shutter actuations.

I guess a non like new D610 wouldn’t be so bad, it’s mostly the mint condition ones that are so pricy, as long as the body is in a decent enough shape, but the D700 seems legit in regards of features and all, although I think that the newer D600/610 have advanced quite a bit in regards of technology.

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