Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

Ken60 wrote:

Years, decades ago, before all the smart stuff we have now. colour management meant buying your emulsion in batches and testing a sample to see the nature of the batch . I used Minolta colour meters for scene reading , and as a mentor in my early learning years told me , stuck to one make of lens. The fellow that directed my ideas and aided my path only used a certain type of fixed focal length Pentax lenses. He would never change , and if a lens did not match his set it was removed regardless of what it was.

What he was trying to do was get "his" colour signature to all his images. This included selecting lighting conditions and seasons to shoot different things. His landscapes were some of the loveliest I had seen , and he could tell you , though he guarded his knowledge, exactly which week and meteorological conditions he was looking for in each spot.

Now if you were to apply todays colour management practice to his images and render every scene truly , you would remove his signature. Again how many photographers have a matched set of lenses, sought for their characteristics beyond resolution.

Search for style , not neutrality !

Certainly, that advise is sound.  But some of us don't pigeon hole creative signatures.  We diversify.  I am not a pro, but a photo artist.   And part of my thematic response to color is diversity in rendition.   And that brings up another virtue of color management, the fact that the word 'consistency' is a rule that can be broken, given a creative intent.  Understanding color management opens up technological methods of doing so.  You might analogue the fact that perfect exposure is not always desirable for the most compelling shot.  Sometimes that perfect metered exposure rule needs to be broken and understanding the simple ways to do it, allows it.

This color signature thing is fine, but not for everybody.  Style cannot be precisely set in an acute niche.  Sometimes its 360 degrees and still more ... spherical.

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