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Re: Discard Lightroom 1:1 preview

10sj03 wrote:

I tried changing the setting to lower resolution (1024 pixels) and delete after a week but the previews.lrdata file size does not change. I also tried to force a delete by going to the menu library | previews | discard 1:1 previews. Again, the file size does not change.

The previews files are taking up about 20GB which I would like to reclaim.

I guess I can delete the file but Lightroom will slowly build it back up when I view/edit photos. Ideally, I would like to get the weekly delete working.



You are confusing the standard previews and the 1:1 previews. Standard sized previews are needed to see the images in Lightroom. They are what you look at in grid view, and in loupe view. Without them Lightroom will first need to rebuild the preview before you can see the image, so you don't want to delete them or make them smaller than needed for your screen size. You'll simply have to accept that Lightroom needs that space for the previews.

1:1 previews are only generated / needed when you zoom in to 1:1. You can only discard 1:1 previews after a certain time.

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