Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

jrkliny wrote:

Petruska wrote:

... In all honesty printer ICC profiles provided by paper manufacturers are as good as my 1800 target patch generated custom ICC profiles, sometimes they are better.

Often true, but sometimes they are worse. The worst I ever got was an Epson 3880 ICC profile for Red River Palo Dura SG rag. It was unusable giving very washed out results. I was told the file was "corrupted". Maybe but it did not work.

I also use RR Palo Dura SG Rag with my R3000 and the RR ICC profile against my Xrite I1PRO ICC profile is almost identical. If one suspects a flawed RR, or any other paper supplier, ICC profile has been issued, just contact them and they will release a new one

.....They make sure that the print looks great to them even if the colors are off from what they saw when they took the shot.

Absolutely, but you decide on the colors you want while processing. When you are done you want the colors on your monitor to match the print. That means either good luck or calibration.

Bob, I really do not know what point you are trying to make. Basic monitor calibration and setting up printer-paper profiles need not be difficult. Periodic recalibration of monitors is recommended. That is mostly a hold over from old fashioned CRTs and monitors from years ago. I calibrate my monitor once or twice a year and even then that is gross overkill with virtually no adjustment every needed. Inks and papers are even more consistent.

I do agree on monitor calibration,and posted that previously here. The point that I'm trying to make is to keep it simple. Calibrate the monitor (a very good one), edit your photo, then use the printer driver settings, or choose the paper ICC profiles, then hit print. That's all I have been doing the last few years with excellent monitor to print matching. Years prior I played with converting to all the color spaces, the different rendering intents, soft-proofing, monitor calibration at different brightness levels, gamma's, white points, deeply analyzing the profiles with Color Think, etc. and probably printed more than a thousand reference test prints. The end results are basically the same joy with simple CM, or extensive CM.

I just looked at my profiles folder and I have 435 ICC profiles (combination of supplied and custom profiles) listed. I currently use only 5 of them in the last year or more.

And then we can go into the print viewing lighting (daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, halogen, LED, etc.) which drastically change the look of the colors on the same print...…..

Bob P.

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