Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

I have done years ago what you are attempting to do now.  I read all the books, pick the brains of the pros, etc.  I own 7, yes 7, ICC profiling spectrometers.  It was fun tweaking everything to perfection for a while, but wasted a lot of ink and paper, and always needed to buy a better printer to get larger color gamuts, and don't forget you need a super great ($$$) 100% AdobeRGB  capable monitor or you will be missing something in the CM workflow.

The bottom line is that the print needs to look good to you, not adhering to some calibration standard.  In all honesty printer ICC profiles provided by paper manufacturers  are as good as my 1800 target patch generated custom ICC profiles, sometimes they are better.  It's very hard to see the differences between the prints using both profiles.  The only time the custom ICC is preferred is if I'm printing B&W and have a slight color cast, I can get rid of the color cast with  the custom ICC profile.

I learned that it's better to spend more time taking better photos than worrying about color managed prints.

Most of the time the club members of my photography club that win print competitions just print with the standard paper selections in the printer driver, they don't use ICC printer profiles, they don't soft proof, they don't care about rendering intents, etc.  They make sure that the print looks great to them even if the colors are off from what they saw when they took the shot.

So my bottom line is keep doing your CM research, the exhaustive trial and error printing, and then you will see that the simple approach is the way to go...…….

Bob P.

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