Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

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Re: Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

Cato1040 wrote:

The D700 is a very capable camera but then main annoyance may be dealing with CF cards. The D600 is a much more capable and modern camera IMO and can also be found around $400. It's less 'professional' but I'd say the advancement in features is worth that compromise. And yes, if you use older Nikon D lenses, you can get them at relatively low prices.

Good point with the CF cards, although they're dirt cheap, but I'd have no card reader for those. (Tbh tho I think my dad does so not necessarily an issue)
The D600 heard some issues, but not bad ones, widly blown out of proportion (the oil thing), just in case though do they still do these repairs? Does the D600 support the old lenses that are driven by an in camera motor?

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