Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

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Re: Aurora filters solve the Nikon Z dust issues?

For the lucky photographers who have no problem with dust on their sensor, try this and get ready for a surprise.

1. Put your camera in Manual focus;

2. Set it to aperture priority, and the aperture on the lens to as small as it will go;

3. Zoom out as far as the lens will go (if it is a zoom lens);

4. Pull up an 18% grey image on your computer (basic white is good enough);

5.  Take a few shots close up, keeping the camera out of focus, at the smallest aperture and then at each aperture until you get to wide open;

6. Load the photos on your computer and pixel peek `em all the way;

7. If you have a "show spots" function in your post processing software, also engage that and have a look at the result.

If you still see nothing, you are a winner. However, my guess is that from about f/16 on, and maybe even larger than that, you will see a fair amount of dust, perhaps a great deal of dust. As I posted earlier, I can get my sensor clean enough that I only see dust above f/16, and then almost always only against a solid background, and I basically never shoot above f/11, so does it matter? Can anything actually be dust free, or are we talking degrees of dust free? If it is degrees, then we should say so, if not, then we, of at least I, need to find a better way.

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