Sigma SD Quattro H and manual legacy lenses?

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Re: Sigma SD Quattro H and manual legacy lenses?

I use a lot of vintage glass on the SDQH because I am really pi***d how bad the AF on this camera is, even with ART glass it is bad, really bad. As I am not a pacient man I prefer to focus manually, than to miss shots and have to control each shot manually, if I focus manually I get i spot on in like 90% with AF it can be as bad as 25% in focus, really, this with the 30mm ART lens. It's a bloody shame!

I have some excellent glass like the Kern macro switar which IMO is one of the best lenses ever produced, the Takumars are good on the SDQH and any Sonnar type lens does very well with the Foveon. One has the test each lens for green center spot when stopped down, this can vary from lens to lens, I had 3 equal lenses and 2 did produce the spot, the 3rd one didn't, remember the larger quality span in the old days and the Foveon is very demanding, the best lens would be a APO lens, but in the old days this was a costly exception.

I have noticed with some lenses, especially luminous ones as you stop down you have to put a correction otherwise it will be underexposed, so I have always the histogram in sight. Not a big deal, on A the rear wheel does this easy.

Otherwise it is easy to use vintage glass on the SDQH, I  really like the Pentax 2.8 40mm pancake, small, a little fumbly but reasonably sharp.

Almost a (coat) pocket camera.

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