SD H Quattro versus Medium format

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Re: SD H Quattro versus Medium format

Just coming from comparing The Sigma DP2 Merrill, SDQH and the Fujifilm GFX 100 with 100MP medium format sensor.

The Fujifilm is a very capable camera, small enough, fast and accurate AF, 4K video plus excellent lenses and easy to handle.

The famous microcontrast of the Merrill sensor shows it's best but 15MP don't stand a chance against the massive 100MP.

The SDQH is already closer, the details seem to be better resolved than with the 100MP Bayer sensor at 100% view, but also here it is overwhelmed by sheer size, but not as much as one could think, getting the price aspect in play the Sigma looks all right on the side of this 11'000.- bucks camera.

I would prefer the Fujifilm anytime over a Hasselblad, much more conveniant, way cheaper and a good workhorse.

The new SD Sigma will have to put up against this beast and if they manage the 61MP sensor as they did in the past, it might be a challenge even for a 100MP monster.

Note: it was a normal day with 30° outside and the SDQH did overheat, this is a real bummer and since I live in Brasil you can imagine how funny it is to shot outside with this camera. Hope to see better with the new camera.

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