dilemma between camera or smartphone for trip

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Re: dilemma between camera or smartphone for trip

jrtrent wrote:

Two things have, in the past, kept me from wanting to use a phone to take pictures. One was the fixed, wide angle lens. My preference is to use something around a 50mm equivalent for nearly all my shots, and the 28mm or so of most phones is a focal length that I've never had any use for. The other big phone issue for me is the lack of a viewfinder. No phone, or viewfinderless camera, that I've ever used gave a useful view of the scene when in bright light. If I can't see well enough to compose a picture, then I won't be taking any pictures.

However, maybe those aren't issues for you. I notice that none of the cameras you mention have a viewfinder, either, and sample images I've seen from newer smart phones look pretty good even with a bit of digital zooming. Some have a second, longer focal length lens, too.

If I could get past the lack of a viewfinder, I would be tempted to just go with a phone.

I wear glasses, so a viewfinder is less comfortable for me, so it isn't something I'll be using much. Also, without a viewfinder, the camera body could be smaller, I guess? But thanks for the focal length info, I never thought of that.

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