24-70 2.8s vs S Primes

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Re: 24-70 2.8s vs S Primes

BillyBobSenna wrote:

ballwin12 wrote:

DrewLavyne wrote:

Am i the only one who find the Native 24-70 2.8 s lens more than enough after having shot the 50 1.8 and other Native primes? I know the 50 is considered "amazing" (and it is!) but ever since i got the 24-70 I haven't touched any of my primes.

Beginning to rethink my approach...

Thoughts anyone?

Good enough until you need f1.8 or you're tired because of its weight and size :-). I think 2.8 is not fast enough for me in low light situations. For travel, I only bring with me Z 24-70 f4 zoom.

Having all native Z 35, 50, 85 primes at this time, I don't think about 24-70/2.8 S at all.

Having all in one lens is nice, though.

That’s an interesting question. Would you rather have a 24, 50, and an 85 or the 24-70 f2.8. The cost is close. Almost a coin flip for me. Pros and cons with both options.

I having my 35, 50, 85 for f1.8 and smaller sizes. I find myself having more funs with these primes. But it depends on your purposes.

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