Without a rail, Olympus Macro is the best

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Without a rail, Olympus Macro is the best

Would like to see a discussion on this.  With the most recent firmware update to the EM1 mark 2, we are now able to stack up to 15 images internally, providing exceptional depth of focus to our macro shots.  The 60mm macro lens is to me the best macro lens on the market do to the focus bracketing/stacking that can be done at 1:1.  Other lenses like the Canon MPE-65 can do up to 5:1, but none of the other lenses out there (like the LAOWA) can do focus bracketing unless you get out that big rail (which I own and do use for other situations).  Adding on a Raynox 250, you can still use focus stacking internally to get great macro shots that have more detail and depth than a typical single shot image.

I would of course love to see the ability to stack high resolution images internally, but I don't know if that's possible.  I go ahead and do that in Helicon after the fact by taking multiple images with Olympus Capture (having my camera tethered to my computer), moving the focus manually for inanimate objects, similar to how a rail would work, but with more control.

I recently found that if you add a PIXCO or FOTGA brand 10mm extension tube to the MC-14 and another 10mm tube (all having electronic connectors), you can change your Olympus 60mm macro lens that is 1:1 to a 2.8:1 beast.  It still does focus bracketing and focus stacking internally up to 15 images with no issues whatsoever in quality, aside from just under 1 stop of light loss.

If I add the Raynox 250, I am up to just under 4x magnification, and with the Raynox 202 I am at 5x, and able to do some great focus bracketing of 200 shots in less than 1.5 minutes with a speedlight flash.  A rail can't do that.  The convenience of Olympus macro, both the size of the setup and the simplicity of the setup make it the #1 system for macro hands down, both for the novice and the pro.

I am starting this thread to show some of what Olympus can do with the 60mm macro lens and the different options of the MC-14 and Raynox add-on filters.  I am here to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.  I have been using the system for a year solid, about 3-4 hours per day.  I do not do photography as my job (wish I did), but have a solid understanding of the Olympus system for Macro work.

Any and all questions and critiques are welcome.

I will post images as I take them here and will answer any questions about it as nothing is hidden.

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