Leaving dslr ,opinions on replacement please.

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Re: Leaving dslr ,opinions on replacement please.

Tatouzou wrote:

DPrewiew is a geek photog gear forum, thus most people will drive you towards high end interchangeable lens solutions.

IMO, if you plan to have only one do-everything zoom lens, the 1" sensor high end compacts from Canon, Panasonic or Sony are the best tools.

They all offer what their company can do best as regards autofocus, electronic viewfinder, stabilization, video features, optical performance, image processing, ergonomic handling and direct access to manual setting.

As regards sensor size, though I now mostly use and enjoy my m43 gear (see my gear list for details), I have also been using Pentax 35mm film SLRs then APS-C DSLRs for decades.

My Pentax K3 APS-C DSLR still gets some use when weight and bulk doesnt matter and I want the extra image quality it can deliver, or fast AF on moving or dim targets, or long telephoto in bad weather (some M43 gear could do it but I already have the Pentax gear) but most of the time it stays at home on its shelf.

I have enjoyed a lot using my Fuji X-S1 I bought in 2014 and sold in 2017 when I started buying into m43, a rugged high end long zoom bridge camera (24-600 equivalent field of view, roughly same size, bulk and weight as today's 1" Sony RX10-1/2/3/4 or Panasonic FZ1000/2000/2500. It felt and handled exactly like my K3 with 18-135 or Panasonic G7 with 14-140.

The main improvement in recent mirrorless camera (as well fixed or interchangeable lens) is AF performance, which was very poor a few years ago and is now mature.

The larger sensor are nice to have, but I also enjoy shooting with pocketable high end small sensor compacts, just because they are so compact.

Thus my advice is to look first which of the fixed lens high end 1" sensor bridge cameras would suit you best. After using any of these during one or two years, you will know if an interchangeable lens camera would be a nice addition to your gear.

A medium tier M43 body (Panasonic GX80 or Olympus OMD-EM10) with the Panasonic 14-140 or Olympus 14-150 might be an alternative if you expect to buy later some extra lens (fast prime, ultra wide or long telephoto) to complement your kit.

I would not recommand high end M43 pro gear for beginners, it would be like a newbie driver buying a Porsche as his first car.

I would say that is pretty good advice... and well put.

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