Leica Q2 AF issues with backlit scenes

Started Sep 28, 2019 | Discussions thread
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Re: Panasonic familiarity does prep you to a degree.

Godfrey wrote:

NO AF system I've ever used has ever been foolproof. This is one reason why I just stick with M and R lenses when using my CL. AF is just an occasionally nice convenience to me.

Tried field focus earlier today and still missed some focus.  To be fair, this seems to be a problem for most focusing mechanism, and my RX1M2 has similar difficulties.

Q2 MF is still by wire, but it is implemented so well (much better than RX1M2) that I love using it.  But MF is much slower than AF when shooting people.  My two young kids move around so much that the window (especially two of them in the same frame) for capturing the good moment is very small.  The missed AF is all the more frustrating.  Previously with DSLRs, it was simply a matter of shooting many frames with AF tracking and keep the few good ones.

Any tips on settings for quick MF?  Currently I am relying on 3x magnification (more FOV than 6x) with highlight, but sometimes get soft focus when shooting f/1.7.  Wonder how reliable is the AF highlight assist.  Perhaps that allows focusing without magnification.

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