Battery Level on Olympus Cameras

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Re: not a problem

Guy Parsons wrote:

HRC2016 wrote:

If you're playing with non OEM batteries you're taking chances - and shouldn't expect top of the line results.

No, as I said, I am using OEM batteries with a non OEM charger.

...and that is potentially as bad for your OEM battery as you loose the balance charging of the individual cells inside the battery that is provided by the OEM charger and is likely the reason the non-oem chargers limit at 8.4v as it provides a buffer on the individual cell voltage

I have no fear of third party batteries as there is a reliable supplier of them in Australia, so when my OEM batteries get "faint" I will happily pay a lot less money and get the third party ones. and note the honest capacity rating, unlike some suppliers who print fairy story capacities on their batteries.

mmm definitely NOT  my experience with their EM1.1 batteries.... i had 2 from them and two from ebay, the beterbatt ones eventually swelled and went bad inside 2yrs ... the other pair from ebay outlasted them and cost less.... plus their was little to no run time difference between the non oem batteries.

I personally will not buy from Betterbat again, shame really

I use only OEM batteries and have never run out in a day of shooting. I used my EM1.2 for a year before buying a spare (when I was going someplace where electrical sources were iffy.)

I bought two spare OEM batteries when I bought the E-P5, then labelled them A/B/C so they get cycled fairly regularly through the camera. Only occasionally have I needed to use the spare, never had to dip into using the second spare on any day out.

Regards..... Guy

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