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Your post sounds exactly like what Scott Kellby was saying just a few days ago. He highly recommended that lens only if you use LightRoom or Photoshop because of the need for the lens correction and the CA issues. He also said he was blown away by the lack of a  lens hood for a $900 lens. But he also said it really inexpensive at $900

I had a super zoom tamron lens years ago and it was like 1/3 that price if I remember right But it was junk! IQ was amazingly horrible relative to my L lenses I use now. But I think $900 for a non L lens is pretty pricey IMHO, yes a $2 lens hood (what it cost to make, not what they sell it for) should be thrown in!

I don't use Adobe anymore once they stopped supporting non subscription products. I refuse to rent software...

Bottom line is does it fit YOUR needs? That's all that matters.

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