Anybody migrate from 5D4 to EOS R? Any regrets?

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Re: Anybody migrate from 5D4 to EOS R? Any regrets?

I am in the process of selling my 5D III, not the IV but similar. I believe the sensor is the same in the IV and R but the R brags a better CPU.

When I first got the R I was a little set back by the viewfinder. My first experience with EVF. I bought the kit with the RF 24-105 f4, it's better than the EF version I been using on 5D. I don't feel the IS kick in or even hear the lens snap into focus.

As far as the camera, it's over a pound lighter with the kit lenses mounted. It is noticeably smaller but very comfortable in the hand. Focus tracking is amazing! Eye focus seems to work very good now that I updated to the latest FW.

I miss a few things though. Lack of buttons. A lot of the things I use a lot is now in menu. Exposure comp, Mode selection, ISO setting, AF drive, WB, etc. But I'll get used to it after many hours. Not that I hate it, it's just different.  It sorta reminds me more of a rebel than an EOS as far as having so many things in the menu. That said, this thing comes with a manual that is over 500 pages! this thing is crazy customizable. I spent 2 days sitting in my easy chair setting things up to my liking.

So my 2c worth, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket then this is a good buy for most folks. I can use my EF lenses, my speedlights, studio strobe triggers, etc. It's not a pro level camera like the 5D IV but neither is the price. If you looking for improved image quality or DR then this may be a very minor upgrade. And I use "UPGRADE" loosely, The 5D is a pro level camera, the R is not. But with good glass a rebel can make pro level images.

My suggestion is to go to a local camera shop and bring a SD card with you (remember the R only has one card slot if that matters to you) and snap a few shots off like you do on you 5D, Manual or Av or however you shoot. take them home and do your standard workflow on them. Or if your like me, buy one from an online dealer that offers a 30 day trail with no questions asked returns. For me, I like the R. It does everything I personally need, mostly portraits and travel. Action and sports I can see the EVF being an issue over an optical viewfinder, but I don't do much of that...

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