Leica Q2 AF issues with backlit scenes

Started Sep 28, 2019 | Discussions thread
TheClueless Senior Member • Posts: 2,140
Panasonic familiarity does prep you to a degree.

I know enough to switch to manual focus in certain situations. Challenging conditions are definitely a cue to move to MF, as are some potentially not that challenging scenarios (like shooting through clean glass not at an angle). I'm assuming you have the ground-floor smarts to have selected the right mode already, but even then the way the Q's focus is not foolproof - even if you're sticking a spot right on the target. I like tack sharp and MF is the way I get reliable tack sharp.

And besides that, I have used MF a lot on the Q simply because it's easy to transpose M experience to it, as opposed to something significantly crappier to use like the X100F / X-Pro2.

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