autofocus accuracy with legacy lenses

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Re: autofocus accuracy with legacy lenses

The Z6 has breathed new life into my 85 1.4G ! And a lens that I had almost stopped using has become my favorite lens. I never fully realized what a great lens it is.

I had many focus issues on my D700, D600, D750 (less on my D500) where it hesitated or failed to lock-on especially in low light and when it did lock on it mostly missed critical focus unless I was somewhere between 2.8 and 4 which negated the whole point of having the lens. I often just used my 70-200F4 which focused faster and more accurately even in low light.

Different story on the Z6 with the FTZ adaptor. Fast, Accurate and sharp at 1.4! While the new 85Z might be better I can't imagine it is significantly better for most uses on the 24mpix sensor. Might be more noticeable on the Z7

Eye tracking is amazing too but not for every situation or distance. Great for most portrait situations, but not close up head shots in the 1.4-2.8 range where single point is better and not very good in photojournalistic situations or when there are more than two people in the frame.

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