TG-5 & FD-1 Help Please

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Re: TG-5 & FD-1 Help Please

I don't own a TG-5, but do own a TG-6 and shoot a lot of macro. I honestly am not sure what is going on, but will throw out some ideas (hopefully others will chime in that know more).

  • Your Shutter Speed is slow for using a flash. Which flash setting are you using? I think you are using custom which might not be enough? I prefer "Fill" myself for macro. When I use the FD-1, I don't think I ever get a SS slower than 1/100th of a second.
  • At the top of the FD-1 is an almost hidden toggle which changes how much light the flash emits. Try both settings to see if that helps.
  • Your macro setting has gradation "user select", while I prefer gradation auto for macro (to lighten the shadows). But I don't think this is an option in the TG-5.
  • Something I do with 95% of my macro shots is to use max-zoom which helps with compression and making shots more dramatic. Only after I set the camera to max zoom do I move the camera back/forth to fill the frame.
  • The first shot appeared to lack light. Noise and camera shake could be an issue. If stacking, you may consider an external source of light or a mirror. The LG-1 is actually better suited for stacking because it can stay on for all frames ulike the FD-1.
  • Some subjects just don't respond well to macro photos (texture/color). I don't know if this is just such an example.
  • Depth of field can be very tiny with macro. For bigger subjects moving the camera so the plane of the subject lines up with the DOF can help.
  • Did you remember to select the FD-1 from the accessory menu?
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