Radioactive lens bad for camera sensor?

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Re: Radioactive lens bad for camera sensor?

Hi to all after many years since this debate begun

I just want to add that I have chance to measure gamma radiation with an old gamma meter. The only lens I have from the "radioactive" list is Olympus Zuiko Pen F 1:1.8/38mm, which is indeed not hot in terms of gamma rays, but clearly measurable (e.g. not burried in background radiation).

However, Olmpus OM 35 F/2.8 les in significantly hotter. I measured 0.1 mR/h. I know it adds to confusion that my meterwas officially calibrated in 2003 and not since, hoever, there is no doubt a lot is going on in terms of radiation.

And it's not alpha particles that I measure, since I have gamma monitor and 1 cm of paper between the lens and the detector has no effect. Even measured at the rear side of the camera with lens mounted on (metal shutter and camera body should stop beta particles as well) reduces measurement just because of larger distance from the source.

The 35 mm F/2.8 OM lens isn't listed on the "radioactive" list. Yet.

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