Selling Hasselblad 500c....

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Re: Got some answers! :)

Hello Bjierbar.

My father said he wanted a digitalback but they are to expensive dont they cost like 25.000$+ ?

Bjoernar Pedersen wrote:
Do not forget there are digital backs out there... A Hasselblad
with a digital back will blow away any Conon or Nikon model with
regard to technical quality. Today these backs are very expensive,
but if you already got a medium format SLR, an upgrade to digital
might be worth the money. Besides, prices of digital backs will go
down little by little, and one day you might regret you got rid of
your medium format camera...

Peter Franzén wrote:

I have put it on a website for sale and actuly got a lot of e-mails
about it. i put the price at 1000$:- and i also talked with
Hasselblad service about a goingthrue with the cam and it would
coat about 400$:-
As someone said the digital market it taking over so better sell it
while it might still be worh sometinhg

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