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47872Mike wrote:

ed rader wrote:

47872Mike wrote:

This really is a great lens for its evenness of performance and general optical (and mechanical) properties.
Unfortunately it does have one potentially very obvious optical weakness when used on full-frame, and that is...linear distortion. Perhaps I've been spoiled by years of shooting on crop formats, but wow...I was surprised just how obvious it was in the horizons of my seascapes, particularly at 70mm.

you mean it's not perfect? i'm afraid no lens can with stand the rectal exam of the lens tester. I shoot landscapes and I use this lens a lot and love it.

I don't think the Kent coast is a rectal exam, but each to his own!
I loved this lens when I used it on crop sensor bodies a decade ago. I still love it on full frame; I just had a bit of a reaction to seeing the sort of bendy horizons I once got on the first cheap zooms I used back in the 1980s. you have any photo ro share with us, which demonstrates that "bend" you are speaking of, please?

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