Nikon Lens Patents

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Looking for lens design experts to review


I am trying to process some of the lens patent data using opensource software such as 'GNU Goptical' and 'rayopt' which is a Python package.

Initial two attempts are here - both using 'rayopt':

First one is example 1 - Wakamiya patent on Nikon's 50mm f1.4 AIS Nikkor.

Second one is example 2 - Haruo patent on Nikon's 58mm f1.4 AFS Nikkor

These are both Jupyter notebooks, and when you view them in Github they should be rendered along with the images.

I am looking for feedback - especially in two areas:

a) Am I doing anything wrong?

b) How to interpret what the diagrams are telling us.

I have no relevant technical knowledge but I am trying to understand/learn.

Thank you in advance!



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