The AFMA myth.

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Re: The AFMA myth.

I'm going to take some excerpts and reformat them a little for emphasis.

Distinctly Average wrote:

AMFA is great, but only once you have looked and investigated all the real reasons an image is soft.

...The owner was getting really frustrated. He said he had tried all the things suggested and had spent ages tuning his lens. I took a look for him and it was plainly obvious that shooting kingfishers with a 500mm lens at 1/30th was his problem. I reset his afma to zero, upped his shutter speed and ISO. He left grinning as he had two weeks since he bought the lens and camera been worried it was faulty. He took bad advice based on a couple of shots he posted on a forum.

...he was advised to keep his ISO below 400 with "that body" which happened to be a Nikon known for working well at high ISO. So bad advice added to bad advice left him upset at his 10k investment.

What a lot of people on these forums forget is that not all users are technically minded. ...They need considered advice, not being thrown to the leopards.

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