Best tele zoom lens for E-PL6?

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Re: Best tele zoom lens for E-PL6?

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Hi all, I am looking around for the best tele zoom lens I can get for my E-PL6 that can do tight birding shots as well as take pics of Saturn's rings and Jupiter's bands. I have a Fuji HS50 with a manual zoom lens that performs well but doesn't get me as close as I need to get even though it has a 1000mm equiv. lens. I got a 1.7x Sony TC for it (HGD1758) but the images are a bit soft with that so I would like a long tele for my E-PL6 that still opens up to f/5.6 at max even at full tele. Any ideas on what would be a suitable lens? I already have the 14-42 and 40-150 lens. I want something longer than that.

So I have run a EPL6 with a Panasonic 100-300 sometimes, the hard parts though on that setup are

1. Handling. Its very much a case of the tail wagging the dog, you hold the lens, and the body is just along for the ride. You can render quite nice results, but while doing it you cant help but feel its just the wrong tool for the job.

2. Shutter shock. It takes some serious effort to not get blurry shots due to shutter shock on that setup. The shutter in the EPL6 feels like a hammer blow when it triggers on the 100-300 at full extension, and you have to work hard on your technique to not have it mess up your pics.

This was shot, about 40 yards away, straight out of camera


iso 800 and 1/25s shutter speed

this was approaching sunset and was the best of the batch I got.

If you want to do astronomy stuff with your EPL6, I would suggest a telescope and adapter for m43, I don't have much experience in that field, but I think you'd be better suited than your native lenses, for wildlife, you certainly can, but its hard to do so and not find yourself thinking "This is the wrong tool for this job". Personally I find I get better results with a Panasonic G7 and the electronic shutter.

Question about coupling my EPL-6 to my Celestron 8 SE, because of the weight of the OTA, would that negate the effects of shutter shock and would that not be an issue when coupling the camera to that scope?

Also, can you AF effectively with that Panasonic lens on the EPL-6?  And is it a heavy combo (like over 3 pounds total?)  And have you found a range of shutter speeds with that lens that do not give shutter shock?


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