The AFMA myth.

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Re: The AFMA myth.

"Myth" Definitions:

1. : a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone.

2.  An unfounded or false notion.

Calling it a "myth" may be a little harsh.  I do not put it in the same class as "3D Pop" or "micro-contrast", since it is a hardware adjustment and measurable.

Your point of whether it actually makes any noticeable difference is more important.  The visual quality of photos taken before AFMA speak for themselves and make AFMA irrelevant except as an exercise for pixel peepers.

Do you have to have a steak knife when you cut steak or will any sharp knife do just fine?

I do not look at the edges of the piece of meat before I put it in my mouth.  It tastes great no matter what knife I used.

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