The AFMA myth.

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Re: The AFMA myth.

rmexpress22 wrote:

Dave wrote:

rmexpress22 wrote:

AFMA exists. AFMA is often needed. It's not a myth.

My 35mm 1.4 Art needed substantial AFMA with the Sigma dock. My 85mn 1.4 Art needed none for the first two years. Then I did a shoot where it front focused and dialed +1 and all was good in the world.

Most threads start out by users stating that they are not able to focus reliably consistently. No need for a million questions to diagnose.

Is that a Canon lens?

Does it matter? The discussion is whether it's needed. Not whether Canon lenses need it. But to narrow things down, my 80D needed AFMA with a Canon 10-18mm, a 50mm 1.4, but not a 85mm 1.8. All Canon, all different AFMA needs.

Did you see "For most users, especially if they are using Canon glass on their Canon bodies, AFMA is not required." in this thread's original post? You apparently are not most users. And your first post was about a Sigma lens.

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