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I can't talk about the K-1 since I do not have one and will never get one because it is more weight that I am willing to carry nowadays, but it is an awesome machine for those who want it.

I do have the KP and it is the best platform I have used for shooting with old lenses. I have more than 2 dozen manual K-mount lenses and an almost equal number of M42 screw mount ones that fit with the Asahi adapter. It is so much fun especially since the KP (and other Pentax bodies) have manual focus aids both in the OVF and live view, as well as green button metering. And the bayonet mount has not been changed physically since 1975 so you have almost 45 years of K mount lenses that are readily available in eBay and other outlets for used lenses so their prices are more reasonable than just about any other lens mount out there. The crop body does mean a 1.5x multiple to old 35mm lenses but I find that 28mm turns into 42mm which is about the perfect walkaround one lens for the day FL for my shooting. And the extended FL with macros and teles is helpful. That makes ultra-wide more difficult but most old ultrawide lenses were not very good so I recommend sticking to modern lenses for the wider focal lengths.

Are all your old lenses K-mount or M42? If not then you will have a problem with adapters for both the K-1 and KP because for other mounts you will need an adapter with glass to "correct" the distances which are costlier and will impact IQ, or at least the aperture.

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