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Re: The QuiltX Show from St. Marys, Ontario

I also remember that design from the old Pontiacs, now that you mention it.  The silver streaks ran back from Chief Pontiac's head ornament along the center of the hood, then down the boot.  It was a Pontiac decoration for years, like Buick's portholes, or Chevrolet's rust holes.  I remember my Dad's 1939 Pontiac Silver Streak Eight with those streaks.

As far as my unusual health and vigor this morning, I've been in a funk since I ruined my fisheye.  It was one of my first ZD HG lenses, around 2005.  I paid full bone for it and ate ramen noodles and tube steak for several months.  I decided not to replace it as it is so specialized. That did not set well and I've been mourning and also beating myself up for being old and fumbly.  That has been constantly in the background and I haven't been able to let it go.

Late last night I got email from KEH informing of certain lenses on sale.  They had one each ZD 8mm fisheye, in their top condition for under $300.  I jumped on that puppy like a chicken on a june bug and felt better immediately, slept well, and awoke this morning feeling like I was 60 years old again.  lolol  I just made myself ROTF.

I glued a thin piece of felt on the inside lip of the 7-14 lens cap to keep it from working off.  That worked fine.  The lip on the fisheye cap is too narrow for that.  I have some wide lensbands which are for stopping zoom extension while carrying.  I'm going to keep one on the fisheye to hold that damned cap on.

When I receive the lens I plan to make a post of fisheye pix, 11 of them, so I can be a transgressor too.     Rich

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