90D RAW only burst count

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Re: 90D RAW only burst count

sjs9828 wrote:

Beginner here. Using Canon 80D. I have been using Extreme Pro 95 Mb/s. was looking for a couple extra disks for vacation.

I was trying to find info about write speed of SDs. Looking at San Disk Ultra PLUS 80mb/s card on sale. Only could find scant info about its write speed.

My first impression was the write speed matters only when transferring pics to another device, and also USH II is not going to be of any benefit.

Incorrect. READ speed matters when transferring data off the card to another device. WRITE speed matters when you are writing/saving data to disc when taking photos.

Here I am getting the idea that it can matter in burst shooting.

Absolutely. The faster the camera can write to the card, the quicker it frees up buffer memory, and allows the burst to continue writing.

Am I mistaken?

Which bit ?


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