The AFMA myth.

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Re: The AFMA myth.

Dave wrote:

rmexpress22 wrote:

AFMA exists. AFMA is often needed. It's not a myth.

My 35mm 1.4 Art needed substantial AFMA with the Sigma dock. My 85mn 1.4 Art needed none for the first two years. Then I did a shoot where it front focused and dialed +1 and all was good in the world.

Most threads start out by users stating that they are not able to focus reliably consistently. No need for a million questions to diagnose.

Is that a Canon lens?

Does it matter? The discussion is whether it's needed. Not whether Canon lenses need it. But to narrow things down, my 80D needed AFMA with a Canon 10-18mm, a 50mm 1.4, but not a 85mm 1.8. All Canon, all different AFMA needs.

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