18-135mm f3.5-5.6 or 16-70mm f4 for A6400?

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Re: 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 or 16-70mm f4 for A6400?

liopleurodon wrote:

Jeff Kott wrote:

liopleurodon wrote:

Just an FYI, the Sony 35 is very soft until f/2.8. The Sigma is pretty good wide open.

You must have tried a bad copy of the Sony 35/1.8. It's an underrated lens. Tiny, light, nice rendering, super fast focus and OSS for those Sony cameras that don't have IBIS.

Although slightly soft wide open, it's very sharp at f2.2 and smaller. Here's one taken at f 2.2.



It's entirely possible that I did. I never got images that sharp at wider than 2.8 Copy variation on Sony crop lenses is a bit concerning.

This review does a good job of highlighting the lens differences:


I'm happy with my 35mm, but that's because I like small and stabilized lenses (also, I shoot way more a f/4 than f/1.8). But there's nothing wrong with carrying heavier glass and being a bit more careful for the absolute best optical quality.

I feel like the 30 1.4/35 1.8 is one of those things that people love to argue online but where there's no bad option. Kind of like the A6400 vs X-T30. You're probably not going to wake up in a cold sweat out of regret if you buy either lens.

Interestingly, opticalimits tested the 35mm OSS as sharper than Fuji's 35mm WR, though with worse chromatic aberration. But the Fuji was tested with a weaker sensor which may or may not have made a difference (16ml vs 24mp).

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