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Rich Z
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Re: The QuiltX Show from St. Marys, Ontario

Well, Andrew, I must say ( with tongue firmly in cheek ) that I am shocked and delighted by your sexist remark about my ( yeah, I took it personally ) inability to appreciate these pix. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you (to quote Captain Louis Renault)....I'd better not get too glib lest I risk The Wrath of The Wrathful.

Your EXIF doesn't show the lense(s) used. f/2.8 eliminates the 12-100. I'm wondering if you used auto ISO due to the variation. I've always meant to try the auto ISO but haven't yet.

I appreciate the craft and also the themes. #3 in the first set reminds me of a popular design used in many of the art deco buildings and interiors so common in Southern California. My Dad worked in a place which had one interior wall completely filled with that design. The moment I saw your pic the forgotten memory came back and I saw that room and my Dad from the eyes of a five year old.  Thanks!

I always head for the quilt display at our local fairs. I particularly liked the Crown Royal quilt last month.

The blood stain and the pistol bring me down, so I find them effective.

I really like the "Honey's Moons." theme. Perhaps my gender assignment is not sufficiently saturated with testosterone, but it's too late to worry. As we said, young ladies can smile at me now, much like they do with gay men. Drat!

Catalans will not be happy about Sitges being referred to as Spain.

I woke up this morning not tired and not hurting. I was shocked. That has likely caused this outburst.


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