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Quinngarcia wrote:

Going to shoot a last minute wedding with a G9 using the 12-60 lens and 42.5mm/1.7 prime lens. I'm still learning the ins and outs of this camera so for those of you in the community who have years over me, can you lend me your thoughts or insight on which settings will yield the best results.

AF: Pinpoint vs eye detection? AFC vs AFS vs AFF?

I generally prefer AFS or S-AF on Olympus cameras but I don't know how well continuous auto focus works on the G9.

Modes: Aperature vs Manual? ( I know this is a huge can of worms to open ).

I shot in Aperture mode more than half of the time and in Manual mode when I was working with external strobes, tricky lighting conditions or needed faster shutter speeds.

I was thinking of using the prime during the bridal prep and the 12-60 for the ceremony. I know sometimes people shoot it all in 85mm but all thoughts and experiences are welcome.

You most likely will need to go wider than the 42.5mm f1.7 during the bridal prep.

I know a lot of photographers like those shallow DOF wedding shots and there's nothing wrong with that but don't over do it, remember your trying to capture memories that the happy couple can relive decades later so you often want those background details to be recognizable.

I used the 4/3 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD, the 50mm f2.0 as part of my main wedding kit.

The 12-60mm and the 50mm probably took around 80%-90% of my wedding photos. I mostly used the 50mm for posed portraits and detail work during the wedding. The 12-60mm is a very versatile range to work with for events and was my most used lens for weddings.

Keep things simple especially if this is a new experience and a new camera for you. Weddings are stressful for most everyone involved and by keeping your setups simple and familiarizing yourself with your setup and equipment before the event will help when you have to think under pressure during the event.

Bring extra batteries and bring more memory cards than you think you'll need. Make sure your cards are empty and format all your cards in the camera before the wedding day.

Dress nice and wear shoes you'll be comfortable in all day long.

Thank you all in advance.

Best wishes and hope it all works out.

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