Firmware 1.4.0 is up

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Re: EOS R is complete

RLight wrote:

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henrikbengtsson wrote:

Now I can order...

BTW, last year when the R was released Canon mentioned that they will quite frequently update the firmware (more than what Canon's typical policy is). It was more or less clear that the software was not quite ready at that time and key features like tracking would receive an update.

Anyway, I am just wondering were it goes from here ...

Technically, the rumor mill also reported improved bar performance and video spec tweaks. Neither has emerged and we're at a year now.

I gather all we're getting is AF updates to the AF module because Canon's already working on it for their upcoming more pro-R. I suspect we may not get another.

Where we go from here is in all likelihood, bug fixes only, which is typical for Canon and feature updates / performance improvements are reserved for the next model IE buyer incentive via both updated hardware, and software.

These two revisions (1.2 and 1.4) are anomalies in Canon's firmware history. They do happen (ala EOS M 2.0.0) but they're the exception, not the rule. Next update is a new model to pay for.

You are right, the touch bar was heavily criticized and that should be a pure software problem to solve. As far as video goes I believe there is little to be done in SW because the hardware is the limit.

You might be right that the next update is a new model ...

Unfortunately, for whatever strange reason, we will probably never see a timer/intervalometer even though that is a very simple-to-implement software (where Canon has the code for already as other models have built it in).

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