Using the crop feature, before taking a many megapixels are lost?

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In LR, running the plugin creates a new DNG with 'full' in the name. By default, when you open this you will see the same crop as the taken image. Now go to the Develop panel and click on the crop tool. You will now see the cropped image within the larger full image. You can resize or dismiss the crop as normal.


What i did was use the 'reset crop' pop-up command in develop mode/crop on the new file. It had no effect. So then I opened the new file it created on the hard drive in PS and it looks the same as the old one. I must be doing something wrong.

I can get the full uncropped frame:


-d Show the raw data as a grayscale image with no interpolation. Good for photographing black-and-white documents.

-D Same as -d, but with the original unscaled pixel values.

-E Same as -D, but masked pixels are not cropped.

problem is it's only black and white

Can anyone see a command line option that can fix this?

Thank you

dcraw. yes I saw your greyscale uncropped image, but I can't even work out how to get a colour image out with this tool under normal conditions. man pages are skeletal. it would be a great help if they had some example cmd lines with explanations.

Yes, me neither. Thanks for trying.

Gee, that was a long ride...... This works:

exiftool -ActiveArea="0 0 3280 4944" -DefaultCropOrigin="8 8" -DefaultCropSize="4928 3264" -CroppedImageHeight=3264 -CroppedImageWidth=4928 -CropMode35mm=Off -o "UNcropped.dng" "Cropped.dng"

Note: It doesn't change the jpeg inside.

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