First pictures of the X-Pro3?

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Re: First pictures of the X-Pro3?

DocetLector wrote:

As for the rear screen : I would never buy a camera again with a fully articulated rear screen as it it the most fragile and complicate to use solution. I have a Canon G 11 gaining dust at home because a spring of the screen mechanism broke and the screen is now dangling. Fuji`s solution on the Xpro 3 looks at least very stable.

Articulating screens are a component begging to get broken. I've seen more than one camera with the screen arm broken.  Even it not broken, every time one moves it the wiring from the camera to the screen is flexed and twisted.  One of the downsides with the old flip phones is the wiring eventually breaks and the phone fails because of repetitive motion.

I can't have a flimsy camera and there is no way to make an articulating screen as robust as a fixed screen.  As far the fixed screen - it is a big chunk of glass begging to get broken.  From a recent survey I read about 1/2 of the smart phone "upgrades" are a result of a cracked screen. In fact I going down to replace  my iPhone later today because, drum roll please, a cracked screen.

I had toyed with the Leica M10 D because there is no screen to break.  Broken screen - pretty much trashes the camera I expect. Looks like now I don't have to.

The Pro is not for everyone.  It is niche camera for a specific niche market segment. Can it be used as a general purpose camera - sure but Fuji offers better options for many applications.  Sure I can pop my 90 on and shoot race horses through my OVF on the Pro2.  But the H1 and 50-140 in general is a more flexible and better tool for that.

I don't know if the whining over the T3 not having IBIS was louder and more irritating than the Pro3 not having IBIS and the screen design.  But there is one take away.  There is a large segment of Fuji fans that are spoiled brats that think their whining will actually matter when in reality it only waste Internet bandwidth.  I didn't want IBIS on the Pro3.  I wanted improvements in the OVF.  I wanted a protected screen that was not articulating.  I wanted a camera that was no larger than the Pro2.  Looks like I may have gotten most of what I wanted.  That's good news.

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