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MummRa wrote:

About GPU, don't buy the most expensive one, that is not always the answer. For example, LR have very bad performance with almost all AMD gpus.


I need to upgrade my 2011-vintage GPU to leverage new features in LR 8.x, and on paper, at least for the g

Now I'm decidedly NOT a gamer, but I was seriously considering an AMD GPU, because the gamer crowd really prefers AMD GPUs for a better price-performance than nVidia, I've never seen the statement anywhere else that AMD GPUs don't perform well with LR.

So why are you making this statement? I'm not trolling, I honestly want to learn so I can make a better buying decision.


Personal experience and the adobe forum full of complaints about performance with amd gpus. I'm not using gpu acceleration for the last 4 years in LR.

Looks like they got better compatibility with theR9 cards but ill research before buying one.

I have a AMD 7950 oc, didn't had any problem with LR till they updated to classic. Tried at least 35 different driver versions in the last years, all with the same result. I Dont have the need to change gpu, the one that i have still very capable today, was renamed to R9 280 if i'm not wrong.

check this post https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4177164

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