Firmware 1.4.0 is up

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Re: Firmware 1.4.0 is up

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Lisa Kiehls wrote:

Wish I could try it NOW but I’m on a sailboat

I am hoping that the jumpy/ inconsistent exposure is also fixed.

I had one bad miss a while ago where the EVF showed the manual exposure as just right yet the actual photos were horribly overexposed and ruined. I still am not sure what happened there. Its like ISO reset itself to some really high value. Perhaps I accidentally activated auto ISO when in FV mode which I have seen happen easily. Why it didn't show that on the EVF though is still a mystery. My Sony's have always been WYSIWYG which is one of the big selling points of mirrorless over DSLR. The EOS R does not seem to have that in as much as Sony does and that would make a good fix. WYSIWYG is a basic fundamental of a mirrorless camera.

I've had a Fuji XT2 behave like that on me in the past as well. But my Sony's - never.


Well, there is a fundamental difference between the way the aperture operates on the Canons vs every other mirrorless.  Canons do all of their functions with the aperture wide open, only stopping down for the actual exposure.  As a result, what you are seeing in the EVF is NOT really WYSIWYG, but a simulation of what the actual exposure will look like when the aperture is closed down to where it would be during the shot.  This is also why you have to set up a DOF preview button, on the Canons, as the aperture doesn't close down while you are viewing the image, only when you take the shot.  So, to see the actual DOF of the aperture you have chosen, you need the DOF preview button (which DOES temporarily close the aperture to your chosen value; and THEN you can see what your scene will actually look like).    No other mirrorless does it this way. And yes, I have had the same problem on occasion with an exposure glitch like you had.  I have no idea what the reason for it was (entirely possible it was user error, too), but I shut the camera off and turned it back on, checked my settings, and all was good, so who knows?


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