Wide gamut monitor and photo/video editing.

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Re: Wide gamut monitor and photo/video editing.

sygnus21 wrote:

Mihle wrote:

The monitors I mentoned is NOT sRGB monitors,

This is actually incorrect as pretty much all monitors operate at least on an sRGB basis. The only question is what percentage of sRGB is covered. The color space listed by both BenQ and Phillips does incorporate the sRGB color space, it'd just the color profile they're using is wider than sRGB is how best to explain it (in keeping things simple).

Anyway the answers you were given would be confusing for anyone not understanding color management, especially color spaces, profiles, and color gamut.

For simplicity's sake, again as stated, all modern day monitors incorporate an sRGB color space within the wider color gamut of the monitor set by the manufacturer.

Don't change what I mean with your own words.

Ofc it includes sRGB space, but it isn't sRGB, it's bigger. So standard image that is just what it is will look more saturated on it than a normal sRGB monitor. That's my point, that you seemed to not understand. If I where to edit on it in Resolve or Rawtherapee, wouldnt it just look wrong or is there built in to the programs to compensate?

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