Firmware 1.4.0 is up

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Re: Firmware 1.4.0 is up

GrapeJam wrote:

So, I've just tested it and here's my impression so far, I'm going to make a comparison vs the A7III:

  1. Huge improvement in eye detection range and is now actually better than the A7III, however it's not as sticky as the A7III if there're multiple similar subjects it's more likely to wander off and also much less likely to regain the original subject once's it's lost the original subject. That said, the EOS R actually focus around the head when the subject turns and the face is not visible while the A7III would focus on the cloest body part of the subject, which is most of the time, not the head.
  2. Significant improvement in general subject tracking which was before already better than the A7III's lock on AF. Now the EOS R has something that come fairly close to real time tracking in the A6400, not quite as good (it doesn't regain the subject once it's lost the subject), but definitely very very useable.
  3. Subject recognition intelligence also got a big improvement and is now able to detect the face and eye much more reliably at off angles, and can now detect subject wearing huge sunglasses although still not very reliable.

Overall, I think in it's now on par with the A7III, with the EOS R has the edge in accuracy and detection range and the A7III has the edge in subject recognition intelligence.

Sweet. Can’t wait to try it this weekend.  Now if they’d just give me focus bracketing.

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