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Enders Shadow wrote:

smithaa02 wrote:

I still think Olympus does not communicate this well.

I just did some tests on my TG-6 with aperture priority. I toggled between between F 2.8 and F 8.0. The latter if of course the fake "aperture" and refers to the ND filter. For a random indoor shot, the ISO went from 640 > 1250. Ouch. Exposure time went from 1/30th of a second to 1/8th of a second. Ouch.

And how would that change if the iris could stop down to f/8? Other than your f/8 shot would suffer decreased sharpness due to diffraction, the exposure would be the identical. Ouch!

ND filters block light...that is really all they do. A TG owner looking to reduce their DOF will be none the wiser that they are introducing significant noise and/or SS delays to their pictures.

Why wouldn't they be aware? You chose to use a smaller aperture and the remaining exposure parameters have to compensate. Shutter speed must become longer and/or ISO must increase. Do you actually believe people don't understand this? You can manually set a fixed ISO value. Unless SS moves into long exposure territory, there will be no change in noise level.

I'm not arguing that smaller apertures will let in the same amount of light.  Heck I'm not even arguing that Olympus has to ditch their ND filter (maybe it is useful for some long exposures).   I'm just saying they should be more honest about this...both in their manual and in their AP menu.

Most users that select AP do so for DOF...not to change the amount of incoming light.  Most users looking for the deep DOF will use the biggest fstop, not realizing that it could double the iso and quadrupedal the SS while not affecting DOF.   Your casual user will also equate fuzzy images as being a sign of poor camera quality, and not realize it was the setting they chose.

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