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Enders Shadow wrote:

Those that have taken the time to study photography will learn how diffraction limits resolution. For a 1/2.3" sensor, diffraction limiting sets in at about f/5.6. There are various methods to determine when diffraction starts to impact IQ. Those who are critical about image sharpness tend to agree the image degrades noticeably when pushing aperture past the accepted limits.

Those with basic knowledge of photographic principles will likely figure out how small apertures are achieved. Some small sensor cameras limit the smallest selectable aperture, others use a ND filter and a few allow shooting well past the diffraction limit. In the case of folded optics designs, a ND filter is mandatory.

I still think Olympus does not communicate this well.

I just did some tests on my TG-6 with aperture priority.  I toggled between between F 2.8 and F 8.0.  The latter if of course the fake "aperture" and refers to the ND filter.  For a random indoor shot, the ISO went from 640 > 1250.  Ouch.  Exposure time went from 1/30th of a second to 1/8th of a second.  Ouch.

ND filters block light...that is really all they do.  A TG owner looking to reduce their DOF will be none the wiser that they are introducing significant noise and/or SS delays to their pictures.   More noise usually means more NR which usually means smudged images.  Slower SS usually means more motion blur which obviously will create softer images as well.

I think this is a common mistake that even BackScatter made.  They made a big deal about using the smaller aperture value in AP mode and they didn't realize how much noise/motion blur it would add to their images.

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