Corporate Headshots and Raw files

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Re: Corporate Headshots and Raw files

I have found it important to be very specific in my contracts as to the "deliverables" for the client. This entails TIFF files of a specified resolution and in either CYMK or RPG depending upon what the client wants.

The files are licensed for use for either one year or restricted to a specific use, as in the annual report. I would never provide a client with Raw files for a multitude of reasons.

If you are not specific as to what you will give them for what they agree to pay you will be vulnerable if there are any problems during the shoot. My contract specifies what is required of the client for the shoot including a time block for the shooting and time for the setup and the location of the shot, etc. as otherwise you can get jerked around and lose money. This includes limitations on post processing and costs for last minute cancellations of a session.

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