First pictures of the X-Pro3?

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Re: First pictures of the X-Pro3?

Christian Scarlet wrote:

John Motts wrote:

Threaded wrote:

A certain well known rumour site has published apparently accurate sketches of the forthcoming X-Pro3, from one of their reliable sources -

It appears to confirm not only the controversial “flip down” rear screen, but also a secondary small display on the back of the flap for settings etc (similar to the XH1’s top lcd possibly).

It’s fair to say I’m not a fan. I don’t need or want Fuji to patronise me by weaning me off the rear screen, and I don’t want to pretend I’m using a film camera, I’m quite happy feeling like a grown up with a digital camera when I use my XP2. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Whenever the rumours show a new camera there are people who get hysterical about how terrible it is. It happens pretty well every time.

Then when it finally arrives the negative hysteria tends to die down.

But "patronising" you with a new design of screen? That's a new one!

When you buy into a system and wait several years now for a release, you have high expectations for what you hope it to be. When it falls short, the disappointment is palpable. By the time it arrives, the hysteria has passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s any better received.

Patronizing is actually a fairly good description, new or not. If they think their customers want fake nostalgia over a competently useful design decision, that indeed doesn’t say much about them as photographers. Maybe they should make a SD card that looks like a roll of film next so you can pretend it’s 1971 some more? There is a warning label that suggests not shooting reflective glass and mirrors, for if you glimpse yourself the fantasy may come to a halt.

Sounds like someone is upset because Fuji did not check with them before they finalized a design.  How dare they!  They, however, did check with me - I told them for the Pro3 no IBIS if they don't remove the LCD then at least protect it better from getting broken after all I do carry my Pro2 on horseback and if you ride a horse you will come off from time to time.  So they listened to me so I guess some just don't rate.

Oh come on, Fuji is not going to listen to any of us.  They develop a plan based on their market research and their target market area for a product just like every other company.  We are price takers - look it up of you don't know what it means - we either take the product at the price or leave it.  If the product does not sell to their projections to the target market - they will drop the price, change the product down the road or drop the product.  We however, don't know their actual target market nor their projections, now do we.

So if you don't want it - don't buy it.  Pretty simple really and it save the rest of us for the grating high pitched irritating whining sound that waste so much Internet bandwidth.

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