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AZBlue wrote:

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AZBlue wrote:

This thread exemplifies why corporate clients dislike photographers and why I ultimately set up a photo studio at my last corporate job—so we didn't have to deal with this nonsense. Nickel-and-diming over a file format is silly, annoying, and gets in the way of getting my job done. Give the client what they want, they hired you for your work product.

My work product includes all the post-production that goes into making a finished image. I'm not a paid-by-the-hour work-for-hire button-pusher.

No need for that much post when you get it right in-camera. It's a headshot, not a Cosmo Magazine cover. A paid-by-the-hour work-for-hire-button-pusher can achieve the same results as most "pros" when properly taught and supervised.

Same as most pros, maybe. Same as me? No.

We're not talking about you here, we are talking about OP. Why are you trying to make this thread about you?

I'm simply pointing out that generalizations are unhelpful.

Again, we are talking headshots. One simple studio setup for everyone, then assembly line. It's not rocket science, although I'm sure some photogs would like us to believe that.

Some aspire to better.

Sure, you could treat every head shot as if it were a fine art piece or a Van Gogh.

Or even just better than average. That's how you get and keep clients.

Ultimately it comes down to what the client wants and how that can be best delivered by the photographer. No sense in spinning your wheels.

We're talking corporate headshots here, not art to which you will be signing your name or making limited edition repros.

Who cares what they do with the files? Let them paint mustaches on the headshots if they want! None of these photos are going to be hung or displayed with your name on a plaque. Once you deliver the shots nobody who sees them will ever know your name or care.

And you know this how? Because you never get work via word of mouth? Well, I do.

If you give your client what they want, enabling them to do their jobs better, faster, and easier, you will have a happy and satisfied repeat client. Nickel-and-dime them over silly things like files and you will have a frustrated client who will not enjoy working with you. When I ran my Seattle marketing/branding studio some years ago, we never charged to burn client files to a CD for them to do with as they pleased. Other area agencies charged upwards of $150 just to burn a CD. My clients told me repeatedly how much they enjoyed working with my agency because we didn't didn't add BS charges to anything.

That's why you give your client what they want. Word of mouth is spread by happy clients, not by clients you've nickel-and-dimed over files and anything else they need.

Read all of my posts in this thread and point to where I'm "nickel-and-diming" my clients. You're attributing to me things others have written.

I wasn't talking about you. Again, why are you trying to make this thread about you?

You're the one who suggested I "nickel-and-dimed" my clients.

I get that you don't like the advice that I'm giving the OP, but it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Why are you making it about me?

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