hardware foe video editing

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Re: hardware foe video editing

Just my advice beside a computer for video editing:

Consider planning on storage. Lots of storage.
If You want back up your files, then make sure You have 2 copies from everything before deleting the original file:

You would want to backup your memory card first (two copies exists then).
Then copy it to your primary work drive, and only then empty your memory card (also two copies exists).

When You finish editing, do You want to save the original files or just the final work?
You would want to separate original files, work files and edited files, and have backup from all of them, then you consider many duplicates.

Drive speed and capacity can be vary for different purposes.

Even for a home/family video work You need seeral storage media.
This can be as much as a new computer considering storage prices. Take this into account.

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