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Re: a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

mikekollar wrote:

The merged DNG was interesting. Being that this is not my normal workflow I almost bailed out on the whole thing because the merged dng was almost completely black but I dumped it into lightroom, grabbed the exposure slider and to my surprise...... Whoa, there it is!! Anyway, because I have an ego about my online photos and because I am so highly compensated for selling a home, I actually take all of this one step further in my actual workflow. So yes, you are right, I further bring up shadows and tone down highlights in my hdr image before getting to contrast and clarity ans all. The other little cheat that I do is this. I loop the windows in photoshop of the rooms in the home with views out the windows (not done in my earlier test photos) so I can play with the levels, contrast, saturation, etc on the views out the windows independantly from the rest of the photo. Once done, I simply select the inverse button and do the same kind of editing on everything OTHER than the windows. Its a lot of work but if dome properly, can really give these types of photos a great look.... at least whats expected in real estate photography and when the average home these days pays me 10K to 20K, I take the 5 or 6 hours to edit 80 to 150 photos for my clients

The merged DNG starts out as a normal RAW, with the difference that you can lift the shadows MUCH more before seeing noise - which is why I've mentioned tonemapping multiple times.

A lot of what you say you're doing is basically what the goal of nearly all local tonemapping algorithms is - raise the exposure of shadows, bring down the highlights, but preserve local contrast.

Since you've been moving photos between tools a bit, why not try a different tool? RawTherapee won't cost you anything except time, and its Dynamic Range Compression tool does a really good job for use cases like this.

Another tool to try is LuminanceHDR - it has a wide variety of tonemapping choices. (Disclaimer: I've seen it recommended by a few people but I've only used RT's DRC tool and a highly modified version of darktable's exposure fusion tool that at this point will never get released, along with feeding enfuse exposure-shifted JPEGs...)

For reference, my typical workflow once I've created a merged DNG by one of a couple of different methods:

Open the DNG in RawTherapee

In the profiles dropdown in the upper right, select Bundled->Standard Film Curve (Low ISO)

Tweak white balance as necessary

Turn on the Dynamic Range Compression tool

Adjust exposure upwards until highlights are just about to clip (You can adjust exposure upwards significantly without seeing noise thanks to HDRMerge creating an extra low noise DNG)

Go back to the DRC tool and adjust the Amount and Detail to taste, which may require going back and forth with the exposure sliders a bit.  In general as Amount goes up and Detail goes down, you can push Exposure upwards more before clipping

Optionally do some further tweaking in the LAB Adjustments tool - in the waterfall example in a post I linked to previously, I cranked up the chrominance (saturation) a bit.

Throw it in the export queue

(optionally) take that processing operations history and copy it, then paste it to other images.  These may be fine immediately, or at most might only need exposure and WB tweaks.

Throw those in the export queue

Go to the queue tab and kick off the export process

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