hardware foe video editing

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Re: hardware foe video editing

MummRa wrote:

right now i have an I7 2600 3.4 ghz, 32mb ram, gtx760 and windows 10 on an ssd 256gb

in some forum they consider the same cpu and ram enough for 4k (but with 1050ti gpu)

Right now i can t even playback xt3 file with common media player

Media player is awful, try VLC .

just to know, you want to play uncompressed 4k video ? Maybe the gpu is getting short there, too much to render at the same time maybe.

the playback is awful in mediaplyer, in vlc in mpc..everywhere

It is like this bboth all intra and long gop

So i need at first to be able to see them and then to work in video editing, with proxies will be fine

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